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Vendor Managed Super Market

Vendor Managed Engineered Parts Super Market :

We normally associate "Super Market" with consumer products which are standard and commodity. However, even for highly engineered and bespoke Products, we have created Global Supply Chain that functions like a Super Market and delivers Products at "Zero Lead Time".

The Super Market is based on Contract, Vendors manage the inventory shipped to various Global Plant locations, and replenish it upon consumption by Customer in return of assured business. The Customers do not pay anything for parts that are already shipped on Consignment basis and lying at their Global Plant locations, they just have to pick it up from their Stores when there is demand. The payment is only after consumption. This consignment stocking at Vendor’s end ensures Zero Lead Time.

We have converted Castings, which require complex Machining & Coating, Fabrication, Machined Forgings and various engineered components which normally require between 16 to 20 weeks Lead Time to Zero Lead time, using Super Market Model.

We use secured packing, advanced transit protection and corrosion protection systems for ensuring that parts retain the required surface finish and dimensions.

The actual process flow of of managing this Vendor Super Market is shown here The processing of these Orders are successfully integrated within several ERP Systems like SAAP, Baan and similar, so that PO placement, Consumption, Replenishment and payments are fully aligned to MRP systems.