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Mergers, Acquistions and Joint Ventures

Having a local manufacturing facility within India which is partly or completely owned by Global Customers, can provide strong competitive advantage, access to local market and assured Supply Chain. The Mergers, Acquisitions or Joint Ventures with existing reputed Indian manufacturers can be excellent way to enter India,where setting up Greenfield Project does require significant time and resources.

In Defense, Aerospace and Oil and Gas Industries, local Manufacturing is encouraged by way of preferential Purchases from various Public Sector (Government & Semi-Government) organizations. Customers who are in Private sector prefer to by locally Manufactured from Multinational Organizations for lower Costs (essential to local sales), faster Deliveries and avoiding Logistics of importing, which are quite onerous.

Our activities can start from locating right businesses which fall within your target group in respect to Product & size and location for either Merger or a full Acquisition. Our assignment will involve following further activities.

  • Familiarizing Customers with the business, operations, financial condition and prospects of the Company and a Target.
  • Assisting the Customers in identifying and contacting potential Targets to ascertain their interest in a potential Transaction.
  • In consultation with the Customers' senior management, performing customary facility due diligence, financial analysis of a Target and, to the extent appropriate, advising the Company right valuations. To also provide information regarding competition, who are trying to acquire same target enterprise.
  • Providing financial advice to the Company with respect to the form or structure of a Transaction.
  • Advising the Company as to strategy and tactics in connection with its negotiations of a proposed Transaction and participating in the negotiations of financial aspects of a proposed Transaction.

Our 3 decades of business & personal relationships with several companies' Owners/Senior Management teams help the negotiations and closure. Our experience in Global Outsourcing allowed us to locate, develop, Mentor & help grow Tiny and Small size enterprises who were located in remote parts of country with technical skills but lack International Quality, Operations & presentation capabilities. We have helped these Organization's to grow in to fairly decent size Corporates, which are between 5M$ to 150M$ in annual sales. These companies are Foundries, Forge Shops, Machine Shops, Valve Manufacturers, Defense Equipment manufacturers, Aerospace component manufacturers, etc. We can also locate Enterprises within Engineering space to your target Size, Products and Services skill-sets that fit in to your Global and Local Acquisitions strategy.

Our services will not include Legal, Financial & Regulatory approvals and either you can use a service provider of your choice, or we can recommend you whom we have worked in past.

Our company operates within US and UK FCPA laws and follows all Globally accepted Ethics and Integrity practices.